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About JRA Designs

Justin Reuben Avery  has enjoyed 22 years in the garment construction industry in Santa Barbara, Ca.  He began in Berkeley, Ca. teaching himself the art. He later attended and earned a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Los Angeles. His Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:  Pattern drafting, wedding dresses: Design and construction, general alterations,  reconstructions, couture, formal dresses and costuming.

Justin was born and raised in Berkeley, California and has lived in Southern California since 1989. He  is the proud father of Chase Vincent, Saharra Laine and Reese Michael. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Melanie for 14 years and they currently reside in Santa Barbara, Ca.

          Justin has strong opinions about the fashion industry and how fashion and clothing should be understood:   "My goal is to create clothing that stirs the heart and inspires the imagination of the one who wears it. I want the women who wear my dresses to feel like they have stepped into a movie and have become a part of its magic...

"I believe that women of today spend too much time contorting their bodies in order to meet the current standards of fashion. My philosophy is simply to make the clothes fit the woman and not to make the woman fit the clothes. Fashion is to be used as a means of expression and creativity,not a standard of life or a measure of weight. To be overly concerned about how a curve goes funny is very unattractive. It is very attractive, however, to see a person who is confident about the ‘unique exceptions’ of their body and strut their stuff as is. For example, a gap in the teeth will matter very little to those around the one who loves to laugh and smile. They will barely notice the imperfection because the joy is what radiates most.  I try to emulate this attitude in all my designs." 

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